Free2Worship System

Finally, a system developed

BY worship leaders, FOR worship leaders!

Now with Song usage feature!

What does the Free2Worship System do?

  • Enter Music ONCE.
  • Internet ready for unlimited music resource.
  • The Worship team and the congregation will always be together.
  • Display announcements, sermon notes, scripture, and more.
  • Guest musicians can bring their music on a flash drive and be ready to go!
  • And so much more!

Have you ever been in worship and wanted to change the song that was up next?  Maybe the Lord is really leading you elsewhere and you’d like to have the band go with you? Or maybe the pastor has asked you to play an unplanned song mid-service?  Download the software at – free trial download. Experience true freedom in worship. You now have the resource to do it!

The Free2Worship System was designed by a worship leader, for worship leaders.  Watch your music database grow- enter a song once and it’s there forever!  All your music is ready for live use or rehearsals- no last minute copies needed.  No more sheet music to file or use.  In less than 10 seconds, any song is at your fingertips.  With real time chord presentation while you play your keyboard, or just having the ability to change a key signature for any situation, you have many options with Free2Worship. Plus internet access gives you the option to download music instantly from any web resource.

Guest worship leader? All the music for a set can be brought in on a flash drive, CD, or sent in an email.  Free2worship allows it all to be uploaded right into the system.

Free2Worship not only equips the team to lead in worship, it directs the congregation as well.  The right lyrics are always on the main screen, without the need to hire someone to monitor it. Wherever you go, they go! The screens can be customized with different backgrounds bringing visual enhancement to your worship experience.  The System even displays announcements, sermon notes, scripture, and more!

Did we mention how easy the system is to use?  With basic PC skills you’ll have complete control in less than 30 minutes. Save more time than you thought possible with this flexible, expandable and affordable resource.


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